Company principle>>
 Honesty and justice are very important for our management of the company
 We will take on the responsibilities and obligations that we ought to, scrupulously abide by our   promises, and work under the best professional techniques and moral standard.
 We adapt to the changes, innovate constantly, sparkplug transformation actively and seek the survival and development through innovation
 excellence Pursuing
 We lay siege to the highest science level and give service to all the people that can get benefit from reasonably using our goods and services
We pursue excellence for everything and work hard to improve the quality of goods and services. We see the quality as life and will pursue it for ever. We will enhance the management safety and achieve the best financial achievement.  
Precision and Rapidness
Predigest manufacture procedure, shorten business cycle, offer better service more quickly than competitor.
Accurate and automatic production. Rapid and effective service.
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Tel: 86-431-85823168/3122